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Limson Trading is dedicated to importing quality foodservice products from premier worldwide sources. Our experienced global sourcing team travels to over 42 countries worldwide to ensure that we’re providing our customers with the highest quality imports available. We handle all procurement, quality control, sales, marketing, logistics, and warehousing functions.

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Our Promise for Integrity

Originally established in 1994 as International Procurement & Marketing (IPM), we became incorporated in 1998. When you choose Limson Trading, you’re working with a direct importer that does more than just trade commodities. Our dedication to our customers includes tracing our products from the source straight to your door. Our experience, coupled with outstanding customer service, has helped us develop lasting, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients that continue today.

It is our promise to uphold our strong reputation for complete integrity with our customers and suppliers, and we stand behind our philosophy.


Our experienced international procurement team has developed strong, long-term business relationships with a broad network of sourcing contacts from around the world. We are continuously exploring new sourcing options and have developed an excellent understanding of world markets, supply conditions, and industry trends.

Limson Trading’s quality department conducts overseas food safety and sanitation audits, reviews systems and programs, and collects extensive data and research to ensure we are sourcing from the safest plants available. Additionally, we use third party audits to make sure our products are meeting and maintaining our high quality levels.

We also take care to purchase from suppliers that observe socially responsible farming and harvesting practices.



Because of our broad industry knowledge in a range of product categories, Limson Trading is able to optimize the purchasing and supply function of our business. We’re uniquely suited to provide the exact specifi cations and packaging to fit whatever product needs you may have. We’re also able to offer helpful consultative support to sales teams and distributors.

Although the commodity industry can be difficult to regulate, we’ve made a commitment to ourselves and to our customers to consistently operate with honesty and integrity.

We realize that strict standards and specifications are necessary for your complete satisfaction and our credibility. Despite the challenges, we’ve worked hard to develop long-lasting relationships with suppliers, and we will not compromise our integrity and reputation in this industry.

All of our products are sold at 100% net weight, and we guarantee that our product label holds the exact item species, specifications, and cut you expect.

We also take care to purchase from suppliers that observe socially responsible farming and harvesting practices.


A Wide Range of Products

Limson Trading offers meat, seafood, grocery, fruits and vegetables, tabletop, and disposable products. After carefully evaluating demand and identifying opportunities for different products in the U.S. market, we source products to fit those needs. Our product line decisions are based on ideal climates for growing crops, natural habitats for seafood products, and the overall supply for various items. 

A key advantage for Limson Trading is our direct lines of communication with suppliers. This helps us decide when supply levels would dictate product specification changes, often much further in advance than our competitors. 

Our worldwide contacts have put us in a favorable position to source the highest quality at a very competitive price. Our flexibility as an import company allows us to source any product, whether it’s a specific tabletop pattern, an exotic fruit from a specific region of the world, or a meat cut with exacting specifications

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