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At Limson, we’re dedicated to delivering quality food and food service products from premier worldwide sources. Our experienced global sourcing team travels to over 42 countries to ensure we’re providing our partners with the highest quality products available.



84 Product Categories

42 Countries

We presently serve a variety of partners across multiple channels from food service, grocery, industrial, club stores to cruise lines/exports. The leverage we achieve by bundling volumes allows us to buy better – so that you buy better.

Our Logistics System

We focus exclusively on the procurement/logistics/quality assurance function, allowing us to achieve the lowest operating cost in the business.

Our logistics system starts with QA inspection at the supplier’s dock, providing over-the-water tracking, integrating intermodal shipping through our North American warehousing network and ends at your door with a minimum number of stops. Not only do we streamline the importing process, we provide direct access to overseas vendors while giving our customers a “firewall” from any unexpected issues like allegations of labor abuse or food safety concerns.

Sourcing Food & Commodities

In addition to imports, our team also focuses on sourcing food commodities across North America.

North American Trading & Logistics (NATL) has focused on commodity procurement and risk management since 2001. The NATL team was merged with the import team at Limson in 2020 so that we are continually evaluating best value across all sources worldwide. We have a strong network of logistical operations around the world from shipping ports to receiving docks. No matter where the product is sourced, we have the experience and supply chain partners to ensure your products are shipped and delivered as efficiently as possible.

We have a deep understanding of the extensive import and export processes and paperwork that can vary from government to government around the globe. By trusting Limson to handle these requirements, you can avoid costly delays at the port or border.

Looking For Better Sourcing Options?

Rather than investing in your own in-house import and commodity capability, you can time-share our low-cost solution to achieve better sourcing outcomes. Why not give us a try?

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