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Sustainable Sourcing, Global Impact

Today’s consumers and global communities place significant importance on sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

Sustainability and ethical sourcing are very important to today’s consumers and global communities. Our definition of sustainable goes beyond environmental impacts and regenerative food production. We also strive to purchase from suppliers that observe socially responsible farming and harvesting practices. The impact that this has on communities can create positive change that lasts for generations. This leads to improved education, health care, infrastructure, and global food security.

Our Commitment to Ourselves & Our Customers

We’ve made a commitment to ourselves and our customers to always operate responsibly with people in mind. The commodity industry can be difficult to regulate, and unfortunately, some companies are only in the business to move products and make profits. Limson is interested in making a difference for our customers while at the same time supporting the communities that specialize in producing and supplying those products.

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