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Our Quality

Quality Assurance: Our Commitment to Excellence

When you choose Limson Trading, you’re working with a direct purchaser and importer who does more than just trade commodities by phone. Our dedication to our customers begins in person when we source the product and extends throughout the process until delivery to your door.

Our Commitment to Quality Standards

Limson Trading’s procurement and quality departments travel internationally to inspect, validate and negotiate directly at the source.

Food Safety & Sanitation

Our quality assurance department regularly conducts overseas food safety and sanitation audits, reviews systems and programs, and collects extensive data to ensure we are sourcing from the safest plants in the world. Additionally, we use third-party audits to make sure our products are meeting and maintaining our high quality levels.

With strict sanitation, specification, and food safety programs in place, we ensure that the processing technology used by our sources is of the highest quality. We also strive to purchase from suppliers that observe socially responsible farming and harvesting practices.

A key advantage for Limson Trading is our direct line of communication and open door policy with suppliers. This helps us anticipate supply level changes and product specification adjustments, often much further in advance than our competitors.

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