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Our Brands

Our seven distinct brands offer an unlimited array of meats, seafood, poultry, fruits, vegetables and non-food items.

We provide exceptional products under our own brands.

Pepper Street

Pub-Style Options

Our Pepper Street brand boasts a selection of chicken options that are prepared in the style commonly found in pubs.

55 North

100% Alaskan Wild Caught Seafood

Our 55 North Brand boasts a diverse range of premium Alaskan Seafood options, all of which are exceptional in quality.

Pantry Value

Fill Your Pantry With Our Affordable Products

Invest in our affordable products to stock your pantry with maximum value for your budget.


Premium Japanese-Inspired Shrimp

Incorporate our Premium shrimp into your menu offerings.

Max Source

Ethically Supporting Family Farms

Incorporate ingredients sourced from family-owned farms into any recipe.


Premium Food Source

Under our IPM Brand, we provide a diverse range of products that includes seafood, groceries, as well as frozen and canned fruits and vegetables.

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